A God or a Goddess is a type of species in ~Promise~. They are the most powerful species ever known, as they are created immortal, yet they are incredibly rare, as only a select few exist.


A God/Goddess has what can be defined as a split personality, as they can be both caring, and cruel. These deities are created with their Y personalities (kind, caring, ect)' and are usually set out on finding true love. However; if one should become heartbroken or lose their mind, they will then revert to their X personalities (cruel, sadistic, childish ect).

A God/Goddess is expected to revert to their X personality, as that is how a true God/Goddess should behave, as they shouldn't need a life partner, but instead thousands of sex slaves to provide entertainment.

If a God/Goddess is able to keep their Y personality dominant, then that being would become emotionally unstable, and each personality would become a separate figure, and they would switch without warning. Whenever this kind of being switches into X, they will not be able to remember their actions.


God/Goddessses posses unimaginable powers, as they are able to fully manipulate whatever substance they represent (ex. The Goddess of Water can manipulate water, the God of Life can manipulate flora, fauna, human life, ect). These powerful beings also range in physical power, depending on what they are the God/Goddess of (ex. The Goddess of Earth is the strongest, and the Goddess of Light is the fastest).

A God/Goddess can only be defeated by another God/Goddess that has the natural advantage over them, such as the God of Fire is powerless to the Goddess of Water.

As immortal beings they cannot die, but they can lose their physical state if they are fatally wounded. If a God/Goddess becomes injured, they will abandon their physical body and take more of a spiritual form. Then they will fuse with what they represent until they are able to create/ find an empty vessel.

List of Gods/GoddessesEdit

  • Katsu-The Goddess of Darkness (the first one)
  • Yume-The Goddess of Light
  • Aqua-The Goddess of Water
  • Protheus-The God of Fire
  • Terra-The Goddess of Earth
  • Biolo-The God of Life
  • Lyra-The Goddess of Music
  • Scuta- The (new) Goddess of the Moon
  • K-The Goddess of Fate
  • Loki- The God of Jokes
  • Unidentified Goddess of Time
  • Unidentified Goddess of Wisdom
  • Unidentified deity of love


  • Only one Goddess has kept her Y personality, specifying that she may be a new type of God/Goddess
  • Although they cannot die, they can lose their will to carry on. This has only happened once, with [a being of equal power] being the one to slay the hopeless deity.
  • There was no Goddess of the Moon, however; the original being of the moon was eliminated, and her (technical) offspring filled the role.
  • Gods/Goddess are extremely attractive in their physical form, which is used to attract the lust of humans